Mother's Day Interactive MOM Maze Digital Design

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Image size options: 1.875" x 3.75"

Bonus: Free Cookie Bag Topper Word List and Puzzle Solution.
This will automatically be available at the end of checkout for immediate retrieval. 

5.75" x 5.75" total stencil size and will fit the Stencil Genie perfectly.

Contact me if you need a different size or a custom design.

Handmade in the USA. Stencils for cookies, cakes, culinary & more.

The design function and all Word Search designs originated with and are solely copyrighted by Stencil Expressions. Use of a Word Search for a stencil either traditional/bridged, silkscreen/vinyl or any other method for culinary use is strictly prohibited without express permission from Stencil Expressions. Contact us for licensing information. We will not hesitate to take legal action for infringement of our design copyrights.