I want to give you some info on what is happening here at STENCIL EXPRESSIONS.
First, I hope you really enjoy our new web experience! It is a liiiittle bit different than first anticipated but life happened... and... sometimes you gotta pivot the plan...

Business has grown so quickly for SE over the past six years. How does the song go? I have gotten by with a little help from my friends. It was getting so large tho that it started to worsen some medical issues and disabilities. CookieCon KY sort of threw me over the cliff physically. I finally needed to make some changes in order to take care of myself (something I have done very little of since SE started). For the sake of my health, I made the very difficult decision to pivot our business plan by converting SE’s library & website to all digitally downloadable designs.

Many cookiers and bakers are investing in or have personal craft cutters, edible printing systems and even 3D printers for their businesses. It was a logical progression given my love for designing as well as my physical limitations. This has also opened up a new world of design offerings for SE as I am no longer limited to creating just traditional/bridged stencil designs. I have been working on an edible PYO palette idea I have had since Sept 2019. I hoped to debut it at CookieCon in Feb 2020. I was finally able to launch them at the beginning of April 2020; so palettes and edible interactive PYO designs are now available here and in our Etsy Shop.

I hope you can understand what a truly difficult decision this was for me. I love each one of you!
I have enjoyed serving you and am thankful for the friendships I have forged. Thank you for supporting this dream for so many years.
We're going to build something new and exciting together. Are you ready?

Stay tuned... I am still in the process of adding all of our original catalogue of designs so keep checking back for additions and new designs. Let me know if there is something you don't see and I will put it up on the site. Of course, I am always open to ideas for stock designs. I will also be working on tutorials, downloadable how-to's and a recommendation list of trusted suppliers of cutters, edible and 3D printers and more so you will be able to cut, print or create your own SE products at your business or home...  Ohhhh you are going to save SO much money on postage, not to mention time waiting for your purchase to arrive.  LBH... Who doesn't love instant gratification!?
CLICK... CLICK... CLICK... Here is your SE stencil ready for you to cut and use in about 10 minutes. Really... it is that easy!  MegaCoolness, right!?

OMGosh, I just cannot wait to see what you create as you continue to EXPRESS YOURSELF with Stencil Expressions!
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I absolutely love to work one-on-one with you. Therefore, I will be continuing to offer a very limited schedule of custom design services.
As of now, this will be the only option available to receive a physical stencil from SE. You can get info about custom services in the FAQ section.