Thank you all for allowing us the privilege of working one-on-one with you!! We are very blessed and excited to be able to serve your custom order needs. 

Please Note: ***We are offering a very limited schedule of custom services. Please contact us for current availability.


Free quotes are available by CONTACTING US.
Please contact us from an email that is best to reach you. Once we receive your request for a custom quote, we will email you from our company email address where you can give more specifics about your project.
Once contact is made, please include:

1) the size you would like the final image to be.
2) a clear, high resolution image of the design you wish to have a stencil made of. (Please note: we are not able to work with blurry or low quality images. We will not search for the design you need. Please be sure that your image has crisp lines, high quality and is not teeny tiny.)
3) any other pertinent instructions to help us more accurately give you a quote such as size and shape of cutter or media you will be using.

Cost is dependent on total size of stencil, intricacy of design and the amount of work it will take to create.
Please Note: Because a custom order is created just for you, once your order is placed and designing has begun, we do not issue refunds for any reason.
All custom orders must be paid in full prior to any design being created. We do provide a proof for approval prior to cutting and shipping your unique stencil.

Lead Times are based on the number of custom orders we have in production at the time of your request, intricacy of the design you are submitting and when we receive your Proof Approval. The current estimated lead time will be given when you receive the cost quote from your original inquiry. Since we are only offering a limited schedule, reasonable lead times can be expected.

Prior to Proof Approval being given by you, modest changes within the scope of the original quoted design are possible (sizing, minor alterations). Major design changes will incur additional charges and may change the lead time originally quoted for completion. Any changes made will also require Proof Approval before being cut and shipped. After you have given your Proof Approval and your design has been cut and prepped for shipment, there will be a $15.00 fee to make any changes (even modest ones), receive another proof and re-cut the order. Therefore, be sure to review your proof very carefully prior to giving approval.
**Once your order has shipped, it is considered complete. You may reorder the design with changes at the original quoted custom cost if you would like. If you would simply like a duplicate of the original design with no changes, we will provide as many as you would like at a discounted cost based on original size to cover the cost of the stencil material.


After submitting your order, you will receive an email digital PROOF of your completed design within the established time frame quoted. If you are on a deadline, it is imperative that you check your email often for the proof so we may move your order swiftly thru our workflow in order to meet your deadline. We will not continue to contact you for a reply. It is up to you to give approval of your proof or make changes in a timely manner. Any changes made will require a final approval before being cut and shipped. Without an email Proof Approval, your order will not move to the cutting stage and could change the lead time originally quoted. If we do not receive a Proof Approval from you within 4 business days we will assume your lack of contact to be an approval of the design and your order will be cut and shipped as shown in the Proof. We are not responsible for mistakes or sizing issues if you do not give timely approval of your Proof(s).

By submitting your final Proof Approval, “You agree to the following terms”:

You verify that all lettering and/or word spellings, graphics, colors and content included in the approved PROOF are correct.

Stencil Expressions is not liable for errors in a final product caused by any of the following reasons: Misspelling, Graphics, Grammar, Punctuation or any unwanted design elements.

Note: Proofs are used for demonstration purposes only, sizing displayed on your screen and shown on your Proof are in proportion to the final design, but may not be a true match in sizing on your screen as the finished product. ***Please use a ruler or measuring tape to verify that the dimensions you require and are approving are in fact what you require in the final design that you will receive.


Stencil Expressions prides itself on the ability to deliver quality custom artwork designed to your unique needs. However, because the SE name and reputation are attached to every design we create or print, we have set certain standards for content. Stencil Expressions reserves the right to refuse to produce artwork on the basis of content.

The following are *some* of the categories of content which may cause such a refusal:

• Offensive or sexually explicit content, language, symbols or gestures
• Racist or anti-religious content or themes
• Copyrighted or Trademarked images

If your logo is rejected for any reason, you will be given an opportunity to alter your design’s content so that it is in line with our content standards. Though we will make every effort to inform you that we must reject such items as early in the process as possible, please note that these changes may increase the design time.

If you are providing a file to us and think some of the content may not pass, please ask in your initial contact when you provide sizing and your image. This will help prevent delays later.


If Stencil Expressions creates any designs (“Artwork”), the stencil design created for you becomes the property of Stencil Expressions and will remain Stencil Expressions’ intellectual property even if you have paid a fee for our design services. You will receive the Artwork in the form of a stencil to use at your discretion once purchased from SE. We retain the right to use the created custom stencil Artwork (except full company logos) and any photos you submit to Stencil Expressions of items you have created using our custom design for any lawful purpose, including without limitation: use in advertising, on social media as well as posting the design for sale in our shop as a stock stencil design after a period of no less than 3 months.

If you supply us with original and use-able company logos (“Customer Designs”), the original Customer Design(s) remain your property. However, you may not use our custom created stencil design except to purchase stencils from our company. You may not give our proof or design to another stencil company to re-create the design for you. By submitting artwork or designs to Stencil Expressions, you represent that you have all the appropriate, lawful rights to use the design(s) you provide, and you agree to be responsible for all costs or damages arising from a claim of infringement related to your submitted Artwork. You will need to provide written proof of your rights to use any third party logo or trademarked image(s) prior to Stencil Expressions using such logos or incorporating such logos/trademarked design(s) into your Artwork.