Thank you to all the talented artists who share their projects with us.

Our wildly popular collaboration Nativity Stencil set just got a little sweeter again this year with the addition of the Camel and Angel in 2017... we are pleased to round out this 12 piece set in 2018 with the most adorable Donkey and Star designs.

Anita from Baking Sweet Hope was the brain child. Krista was the talent and Truly Mad Plastics Cutters and Stencil Expressions made it come to life for you.
Thank you Anita and Krista for all your time and talent to demonstrate and all the love you put into this collaboration!! <3 We love you!!

2017 Collection includes the new Donkey and Star pieces:

2017 Collection Video includes the Camel and Angel pieces added in 2017

2016 Collection Video:


Guadalupe from Sweet Cutter Cookies demonstrates her Sugar Skulls and beautiful Mother's Day Cookies using SE stencils.
Thank you Guadalupe for sharing your talent with us!


Stencil Expressions video demonstrating Graduation Cookies

Lorraine from Lorraine's Cookies demonstrating layer 2 of a 3 layer custom Stencil Expressions stencil set. Lorraine finished her project by airbrushing details on the Lynx. See finished project here.